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Pro-Games Boxer Machines

We have an extensive choice of reliable strength test machines including Boxing games, Kicker Games, Hammer, etc. We supply places like pubs, clubs, mall centers, amusement parks and private houses.

UPlay America will take care of your machine repair and maintenance.

If you are interested in any Boxer machines, let us know we will help you with making right choice!

Uplay America is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Pro-Games Boxer Machines in the Americas.  Please visit our Pro-Games Boxer Machine page for more information.


TouchTunes Jukeboxes

Nothing perks up a party like great music! We offer professional digital jukeboxes for commercial businesses, private parties, and events. Add up to 6-million individual songs from all music genres so you can appeal to people of all ages. Use your jukebox to DJ your own party or let your guests choose their favorite tunes. 

Our professionally installed jukeboxes are equipped with powerful, high-quality sound systems and volume control so you can create the perfect atmosphere with a touch of a button. 


Pool Table

Pool tables are a popular and steady revenue generator, and they provide hours of entertainment. Purchase or lease tables for your home or business or rent them for your next event. Single tables are ideal for to four-player games.

You can also buy, rent, or lease multiple tables for tournaments or to equip your pool hall. 


Arcade Games

Arcade games provide interactive fun and tend to draw huge crowds no matter where they’re placed. They’re ideal for adding some excitement to your next party or event and are excellent long-term revenue generators for bars, restaurants, and other businesses. 

From classic arcade games like Pac-man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Big Buck Wild to the hottest new arcade games, we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your needs.  

Skeeball Machines

A classic game that is beloved by young and old alike, skeeball is a perfect addition to larger bars and pubs and makes an ideal icebreaker for corporate events.

It’s a simple and straightforward game that will provide hours of entertainment to players of all ages. Just roll the ball up the 10-foot ramp and score points for hitting the targets. Multiple players can use a single machine, or you can rent multiple machines for even more fun. 


Pinball Machines

The flashing lights, the bells, buzzers and bumpers, along with the quest to hit that high score, is perhaps the reason that pinball machines have been a favorite gaming pastime for almost 100 years.

Whether you enjoy the challenge of beating your own score or competing against others, you will find hours of entertainment with our incredible variety of pinball games.  Check out all we have to offer, from classic units to the most modern pinball machines, UPlay America is the place to find your next pinball machine.


Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey is an easy and fun way to entertain both kids and adults. This fast-paced game requires quick reflexes and a bit of skill. The puck glides on a bed of air, offering low friction and high-speed gameplay. 

Our commercial-quality air hockey tables guarantee smooth game play and plenty of entertainment for up to four players at a time. Our team of experts provides professional delivery and installation to your home or business. 


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